TARI is a small family-owned company in Central Europe, active in several business areas, one among them being computer software development.

Software development team designs and develops software for Mac OS X and internet, and had previously worked in NeXT environment. Team members have designed and developed several quite large (even award-winning) custom applications for our clients.

We hope you enjoy using our software as much as we enjoy creating it.

To contact the company, please


All support for FlyPath is via email and free for registered users. There are several email addresses which can be contacted for various purposes:

This is the email address where you send questions about FlyPath application. In principle we offer support to registered users only, but we will try to answer every question sent to this address, whether you are registered user or not.
This is the email address where you send your comments and suggestions about FlyPath application. E.g. new feature requests should be sent to this address.
This is the email address where you send bug reports, crash information, etc.
This is the email address where you can get information about purchasing, billing, payment processing, bulk licensing, etc.